Magica Monday ,  YIN YOGA  19:00-20:30
Journey into your inner landscape with Yin Yoga, a meditative yoga practice to experience the deeper layers of the body, mind and soul. 
In this practice you will plant new seeds through the five layers of your self: physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Group lesson Abo class 12,-  euro drop inn 15,- euro
Only private Hatha yoga classes in the moment 
This energetic morning class will give you a boost to start your day.
Discover your body discover your breath. Invite presence as you lengthen the breath, moving
with attention and with compassion for thbody, mind and soul.

 Lessons 65,- euro  

Yin Yoga Therapy on request
How often do we have the time to really listen to what is going on in the physical and emotional body?
In a yang dominated society there is a call for more inner balance.
Daily stress impacts our body, mind and soul and we lose awareness. Our breath becomes shallow and our muscles get tense and tight.
Yin therapy is designed to create space, reconnect, to rejuvenate the body, clear up the mind, opens up the heart and allow it's energetic healing to take place.

Privat yoga classes at your office or at your home ??
Price for a private  75  min class 65,-
* 15 minutes of consultation on your needs and feelings and goals 
*  1hour yoga class
* 100% presence for you 

We practice in small group max 10 people.